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"Don't you dare."





"I have to, Stark."

"Protecting my Commander in Chief comes before my own personal safety."


He’s not letting her walk away. Not without doing what he should have done (in seriousness) a long time ago. Tony moves in slowly, gives her plenty of time to pull away before he presses his lips to hers. The kiss is simple, chaste in a way that Tony rarely is as he curls his fingers around hers.


She knows, she knows that she should be stronger than this, that she should pull away from this because god, her heart is already being torn from her chest with the knowledge of what’s going to happen. It’s stupid and selfish and she leans into the kiss, into him, her fingers lacing with his. “I’m sorry.” The words slip out mumbled against his lips, and Maria’s not even certain what she’s apologizing for. 

"Me too."

Another brief kiss, and Tony curls a hand against the back of her neck. He knows that she’ll hate him for this tomorrow, but at least she’ll be around to hate him. Tony lifts his other hand from his pocket, injecting the Fentanyl quickly into her neck. 

Fast acting, short term and easy to watch and administer after care. Jarvis has done the research Tony didn’t have time to, once he realized what Maria was going to do.

The jab makes her wince and step back from him, a hand to her neck. “What the fuck—” 

She can feel the sluggishness start in her veins, even as she fights hard to stay upright, one hand on the wall. Her vision blurs, her breathing starts to slow, her muscles go weak. “How dare you, you stupid, selfish son of a bitch—”

Her angry rant is cut off by her eyes slipping closed and her legs giving out, and all she sees is black.


"Even more reason to indulge yourself while working. You get what feels like a vacation, but you’re still getting things done, you’re doing something that makes you happy."


"All I’m saying is find what brings you a little burst of what feels like a break, and do it. Everyone’s got something like that, you’ve just gotta figure out what it is for you."

"I’ll think about it. So long as it doesn’t break my concentration, I’m sure there’s something that can be done. But out of curiosity—"

"Do you think I’m unhappy? Do I come across as unhappy?


"I’m not allowed to take a trip across town? It’s not going to collapse because I walk down the street. New York doesn’t exist anymore where I’m from, you know."

"Dr. Tam, you’re a temporal anomaly. We really don’t know what’ll happen if you interact with the outside environment. Events could change— hell, you might wind up going back to a completely different future. It’s not safe."



"Are you actually disagreeing, or are you just being contrary?"

Bonesy. I can’t copy-paste enough, but here, I tried:






(though i’m a-okay with being referred to as Bonesy)



seriously you’re awesome and i will keep repeating it over and over and over. yes.

But you are so great and I…

Are you sure you did not take a wrong turn somewhere?

and you are also so great. i really think you are fantastic and i admire your writing.

so there. 




Then maybe you can answer a question for me: who are you and how the hell did you get in here? This is a restricted area. 

You’ve got five seconds before my agents and I start shooting.



This is a restricted area? Well it’s certainly a lot less exciting than I was hoping for. As for how I got here, it’s oh so easy to get wherever you want when you will it enough.

     Funny. For an organization who likes their secrets you really don’t seem to know all that much do you? And here I was hoping for cameras and a red carpet. 

Fantastic. I’m assuming you’re another smart-assed supernatural creature of some sort? I seem to be getting a lot of those. Had a visit from War not too long ago.


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Relax. You show up in my /bed/, and you’re telling me to relax? I don’t think so, buddy. [sdjfklsj ilu]

—Look, lady. I have no idea how I ended up here, okay? I just— did. So either we figure this out and you let me go, or I leave and we never see each other again.

[Her jaw sets tightly, and there’s a moment of hesitation before she lowers the gun, still watching him with sharp eyes. As much as she hates to admit it, there’s something strange about all of this, and… well. Strange is in her job description. She just doesn’t like when strange follows her home (or turns up in her bed).]

What’s the last thing you remember?


wasthatnotprocedure replied to your post: M!A Arthur is now a Breviceps adspersus for 24 hours. He has telepathy though, so other people can understand him.

…I’m not kissing you.

[I didn’t know you thought of yourself as a princess]

Course I am, Arthur. Got the ivory tower and everything.

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I want a family. Or someone's who's mine. But no one can see past it, no one can, and ... that's gonna have to be alright. Got a family here at SHIELD.